Colleen the Sideshow Queen and EvilDan


Colleen the Sideshow Queen began her entertaining career at the age of fifteen when she landed her first gig

as "Bingo the Clown" at a local Ground Round restaurant. There she performed magic,

juggled and delighted the guests with her face painting skills.


EvilDan began his career at the age of thirteen when his grandmother began teaching him how to read palms.

Later that year, he found that a magic shop had opened in a nearby town.

The bug was bit and his destiny cast in stone.

Through the years, Colleen and EvilDan advanced their studies. Colleen quickly became known in the Albany NY

area as the one to hire when they wanted a clown, juggler, stilt-walker, magician, face painter, or balloon

animal twister. EvilDan formed the group Trinity with two fellow performers and performed seances

and their special brand of "bizarre" magic up and down the East Coast.


Colleen and EvilDan met at a magic convention in 2004. They both took a workshop on sideshow skills

given by world famous sideshow performer, Todd Robbins. They immediately formed a friendship and soon

thereafter began performing together. Their first gig was on the Spooky World stage

at The Ultimate Terrors haunt in Altamont NY.


The friendship grew and in 2008 EvilDan uprooted himself from New Jersey and moved to upstate NY. The first week

in NY Colleen and EvilDan got a call to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Since then they've performed

together and separately all over the upstate NY area.


Psychic Sideshow is the creative result of both Colleen's and EvilDan's performing interests and their desire to

give their audiences an interactive experience that they will long remember.


EvilDan risks life and nose as Colleen the Sideshow Queen uses him for whip target practice in Lake George NY.


Experience the thrill of the carnival midway!

Experience Psychic Sideshow!